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(Sudden Underwater Nautical Katastrophe)

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Congrats! You and your team of associates have AT LAST captured your elusive adversary, Mr. E! After years of dead-end cases and near misses, a confidential informant finally came through, tipping you off to Mr. E’s location aboard the U.S.S. MindCraft.  It appears his latest scheme involves posing as a crewmember on explorer vessels and looting newly discovered shipwrecks and other archeological sites while they are under study.  Mr. E is currently safely secured below-deck with plans to return him to the mainland in the A.M.

Your team has retreated to your cabin to toast sweet success when an explosion rocks the ship! Stumbling into the hallway, you discover that the emergency hatches have been sealed,  the deck is tilting crazily and the water on the floor is already ankle deep...

Experience is for 2-8 participants (recommended 4), takes 60 minutes to complete, and is ideal for:

Team building / corporate outings

Birthday parties

The coolest double date-night ever

An exciting family adventure

Crazy fun with friends

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For short notice reservations (<12hours) contact us by phone at (541) 357-5090  to check availability and schedule

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