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Mayhem on the Menu

Mental Mansion Escape Rooms  Mayhem on the Menu
You and your team of private investigators are currently undercover at Double M Estates high-society dinner-auction, and the party is in full-swing. You’ve been hired by the local police to infiltrate a counterfeiting operation specializing in faking fine works of art, and an anonymous tip indicates that an old criminal adversary- Mr. E -may make an appearance. This could be your chance to catch up to him, once and for all!
This CLUE Inspired Experience is for 2-6 participants, takes 60 minutes to complete, and is ideal for:

Team building / corporate outings

Birthday parties

The coolest date-night ever

An exciting family adventure

Crazy fun with friends

For short notice reservations (<12hours) contact us by phone at (541) 357-5090  to check availability and schedule

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