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tHe siNISTer cIRCUs

And now for a limited time only

....A Mental Mansion Halloween Special...

Mental Mansion Escape Rooms Sinister Circus

Craving a little Creepy this Halloween? Tired of the traditional Thrills and Chills? Well, we aren't clowning around.  Join us October 28th - 31st during extended hours, when the lights go out and The Albino Elephant undergoes a terrifying transformation. Can your team solve their way out under pressure? With just a flashlight? Among those things that go bump in the night?

We look forward to Escaping with you soon. That is...if you make it out at all.

This experience is for 3 - 5 people, takes 60 minutes to complete, and is ideal for:
*Mature audiences
*Those looking for a non-traditional Escape Room challenge
*Fun with friends


PLEASE NOTE: This experience is intended for mature audiences 14 years old and up. It is not appropriate for pregnant women or others with medical conditions which could be exacerbated by anxiety, strobe lights, claustrophobia, and/or artificial fog. This experience is conducted in low lighting levels and additional waivers will be required to participate.

For any questions or concerns related to your specific party please don't hesitate to contact us.

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