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 limited time only Mayhem On the Menu has become

Dinner With Dracula

....A Mental Mansion Halloween Special...

Dinner with dracula.jpg
A mysterious new neighbor has renovated the old Victorian mansion down the street and turned it into a small hotel.  You and your friends have been invited to a sunset dinner party to welcome them to the neighborhood and celebrate the grand opening.  Your host escorts you into the dining room and excuses himself to “prepare the appetizers” – and the door lock clicks ominously behind him. 
You are Trapped! 
This Halloween Special Experience is only available from October 14th - 31st.
 For 2-6 participants, takes 60 minutes to complete, and is ideal for:

Team building / corporate outings

Birthday parties

The coolest date-night ever

An exciting family adventure

Crazy fun with friends

Escape the Night!

When the Sun goes down the Lights go out!

All Escape Experiences on Halloween Night after 6pm will be done in the dark and only with flash lights.

For short notice reservations (<12hours) contact us by phone at (541) 357-5090  to check availability and schedule

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